Marco Zifaro
Editorial Design/Data Visualization

Airline Digital Index (ADiX)


Editorial design and data visualisation for the Airline Digital Index a research report published by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub's Research and Intelligence Team. The report benchmarks the digital performance and maturity of airlines

more meaningful visualisations

The research team really was very keen on having as much variety in their data visualisations as possible to elevate visual diversity and editorial rhythm of the publication. Looking at the visualisations however, that most data points were structured as rankings. We also found that this was the most useful way for readers to identify the key points. As a result we simply decided to only use horizontal bar charts to display ranking data. However we still created two different visual styles of bar charts.

One bar chart for a very high information density that was used for data points presented at the beginning of each chapter to accommodate the larger amount of data.

This simpler bar chart is for lower information density and is used for data visualisations with less data points in the respective subchapters.

data tables as branded moments

To give more visual interest to the data tables, the separating lines are coloured in the signature neon green color.